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Monday, December 14, 2015
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This is our third year working with Galloway's.  And we are so excited for another amazing year of dance photos.  I love working with Miss Jenn and her staff and students from year to year.  We are already gearing up for the recital photos that we will take at her studio in the spring.  We did something a little different this year...instead of waiting until we do recital photos to do the headshots for the competition team, we all met a few weeks ago to do some outdoor headshots.  It was a chilly morning...probably one of the only cold and windy days that we have seen in southern Louisiana this winter.  But these girls and boys were troopers and did an amazing job!  Aren't they all so adorable?!  And now the moms can proudly show off their photos and buttons all year long at their competitions and events. 

You can see more information about our work with dance schools here.