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Friday, March 08, 2019
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We posted this about a month ago on our Facebook page...and thought that we should share it here as well:


When people ask me (often during a session) how long I have been a photographer, I always struggle to give what seems like it should be an 'easy' answer. I am sure that usually they are expecting an answer like '10 years' but it isn't quite that simple for me. I can't remember a time that I wasn't taking pictures. I recently stumbled across photos that I took of my siblings in my back yard as a teenager. I am sure my brother and sister just loved being forced to pose for me all the time, but it was good practice. I worked for free or cheap in college, taking photos of classmates and friends. After that, I worked full time doing Human Resources and found time to fit in my photography clients on weekends. And then photography took sort of a back seat as my family started to grow. That was always our plan, for me to work part-time while the kids were little. So I would set up a 'studio' in my living room for clients in the evenings or on weekends. That 'studio' eventually made its way to our garage and then to a shared studio space outside of my home. Working part-time allowed me to keep my creative juices flowing but also gave me the incredible gift of being a stay at home mom until my son was 3. Shortly after my daughter was born, our circumstances changed and I needed to work full time. It was scary and exciting all at the same time...we found a space that we felt like would be perfect for our little business. And in August of 2014, having a dedicated studio space became a reality.


My family and I are so incredibly grateful to all of you for keeping me busy all of these years! In fact, y'all have kept me so busy that about a year ago we started planning on expanding the studio space to the unit next to me (doubling the space) and bringing on a full-time employee as well. Our business had reached the point where I could no longer do it all alone...what a good problem to have! Again, the idea of making a change was both scary and exciting. And then the craziest thing happened. In the midst of moving forward with acquiring the space next to me and searching for an employee, I took a tiny step back. I asked myself if I 'needed' to expand. I absolutely LOVE my job so it wasn't about that at all. In fact, I was excited about expanding and there were a few new things that I had planned to offer. But I took a step back and remembered what our long-term goals had always been. I was so busy with life and kids and work that I hadn't taken the time to really notice that our circumstances had changed again. And that with some adjustments and sacrifices, working less instead of more was a real option for our family. So after many conversations with my hubby and lots of prayer, we decided to move in a different direction. Ironically, the opposite direction of where I thought I was going. Funny how life works like that. We came up with a game plan to scale back significantly and we have been making those big changes behind the scenes for the last year. We talked about which aspects of the business I wanted to focus on moving forward. I don't think you will be surprised to hear that I immediately knew that I wanted to focus on my schools, dance schools and daycares. I truly love all photography sessions but doing these types of portraits have grown into what I feel like is my specialty and they bring me so much joy. So all of this being said (I warned y'all that it would be long), we are closing the physical studio and no longer offering studio sessions. We are now focusing exclusively on our school portraits, dance schools and daycare photos. If you or your child attends one of the schools, daycares or dance schools that we photograph, I am sure you want to know how this change will affect you. There is no change at all when it comes to these portraits. We are also continuing to offer our photo booths for weddings, parties and events.


From my living room "studio" to the garage, then to renting a space in someone else's studio to finally having my own storefront...what an adventure this has been! Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives and special moments...and we are looking forward to continuing to share in these special moments with you all!


With love and appreciation,

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