Photo Restorations

We all have photographs that we treasure.  Sadly, sometimes those treasured photos get damaged.  We can restore your aged or damaged photos and bring them back to life!  Our photo restoration techniques allow us to repair nearly any photo, including photos damaged by stains, rips, fire, flooding, ultraviolet rays, and mold.  

Every retouching job is unique.  So we have created three levels of retouching, based on how complex the restoration will be.  Stop by our studio so we can determine which level of retouching is needed for your photo.  And for your peace of mind, we will scan your image while you wait so that your original doesn't have to leave your possession.  

There are two components to the restoration of your old photographs:  the restoration and the print.  If you prefer, you can also have your image provided to you on a cd.

Restoration Levels:

Light-For lightly damaged originals with up to three minor repairs outside of major areas.  Major areas of repair are faces, hands and any details that are essential to the photo.


Medium-Restoration of one major area (face, hands or details) OR color restoration of faded image OR colorization of intact black and white photo OR change background.


Heavy-For photos that are heavily damaged with three or more areas of repair or multiple Medium Restoration items.





Print Prices:




Duplicate Print










11x14 Mounted



16x20 Mounted



CD of image





Prices above are for individual images.  Contact us for a quote if you have a large amount of damaged images.